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Can I just order for one month without a subscription?

Everything we sell is on a subscription basis; however, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We recommend trying the vitamins for a longer period to experience their full effects. If you wish to cancel after your first order, there will be n

What is the difference between canceling an order vs canceling your subscription?

Canceling an order will remove the current order placed, but your subscription will continue. Canceling your subscription will completely stop you from receiving any further shipments.

Can I pause my subscription?

You can take a break from your subscription by either just skipping your next shipment OR by choosing a new shipment date whenever you like in the future. To skip a month simply:. 1. Log into your account: 2. Click

Do I get the same vitamin packs every time?

In short, yes! But we also realize people’s needs change; feel free to change up your custom vitamin plan any time for no charge. If you ever want to add, swap, or remove any vitamins, you can do so by following these steps click here

Why shouldn't I just buy my vitamins in the store?

What makes VitaRx unique is our personalized approach to your vitamin routine, while also making it easy to remember to take your vitamins.  We think you are much more likely to remember your daily vitamin pack than to dig through your medicine cabin

How often do I receive my vitamin box?

Every 28 days, we will send you an updated box; unless you choose to delay, or skip or cancel your next order.  You have complete control of the subscription, there are no hidden fees.

Are there any hidden fees you're not telling me about?

There is no initiation fee and you’re free to cancel at any time. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. We even provide free shipping on orders over $20.

How do I know which supplements I should be taking?

If you don't know what you're looking for or are not sure what is best for you, we suggest taking our Health Quiz (it only takes about 3 minutes) as it can guide you and suggest what could be best for you. We do always advise you to talk to your phys

How will I be able to identify the different supplements in my vitamin packs and the nutrition facts about each one?

Inside your shipment, you will receive a flyer that has a picture of each supplement and a list of labels printed with all of the nutritional information about that supplement. This is updated with every order if you decide to make any changes.